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Car Magnets


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Advertise everywhere you go.

Ready to turn every drive into an opportunity? Whether you’re a real estate agent, restaurant owner or contractor, you can make an impression with our thicker, stronger car magnets. Rounded corners and a new, wind-tunnel tested substrate keep them firmly in place. And the matte finish and UV ink printing provide higher-quality, fade-resistant images.

Make the most of your magnets.
•Turn personal vehicles into instant advertisements, every time you drive
•Get seen more with a magnet on both sides – and maybe even the back
•Clean your magnets quickly and easily with mild soap and a washcloth
•See important information on car magnet care and maintenance

Start by uploading your own design or using an industry-specific template.
•Think about your car color, and make sure your magnet stands out
•The less text you use, the bigger and more visible you can make it
•Make your contact info big and bold, so people can see it quickly


Application guide

 First, clean your car surface with mild soap
 Completely dry the spot where the magnet is going
 Apply the magnet to an area with no bumps, curves or molding
 To avoid car damage, clean and dry under the magnet daily
 Remove the magnet for car washes, or if not in use

Frequently asked questions
Q: How thick are your car magnets?
A: Each magnet is .85 mm thick.

Q: Can I put a car magnet on a door that is curved?
A: Sorry, but no. For a secure fit, magnets should be affixed to surfaces that are smooth, without curves, dips or bumps.

Q: How strong is each magnet?
A: The magnetic strength is 90 lbs. per square ft.


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