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Scope of Support

Scope of Support

Scope of Support

Our Mission


 At 5280 Print, our primary goal is to help you succeed on the web. In order to do this, we provide ongoing support for all of our websites, included in your annual cost. We truly want to set the sky as the limit for you, but we, unfortunately, do not have unlimited resources and need to set a standard for what we can and cannot support.

 In general, we will always support things that impact the look, feel, and basic functionality of your website, within reason. To give you a better understanding, let’s look at a few examples, though these are not inclusive.

 What We Can Support

✔ Minor updates to content, such as adding text or photos

✔ Adding additional pages or sections of new content, within reason

✔ Resolving any technical issues with your website, such as server issues or bugs not related to third-party plugins

✔ Installing plugins and ensuring they are visible on your website in the right locations

✔ Providing high-quality stock photography, and adding color overlays if necessary

✔ Integrating WooCommerce on your site, which includes adding a checkout page and cart page, adding a shop page and category pages, or displaying products or categories on specific pages.

 What We Cannot Support

Anything involving custom coding

Plugin configuration, including settings, registering, and management of plugin features

Adding blog posts, listings, resources and articles, calendar events, or other frequently added or modified content

Managing content stored or displayed within a third-party plugin

Managing third-party plugin features

Custom graphics design, beyond photo color overlays

WooCommerce-related issues, such as adding products, configuring categories, configuring shipping, managing inventory, adding additional payment gateways (other than Paypal), etc.

Logging in to, configuring, or otherwise using third-party tools or other software on your behalf


 All requests must be submitted in writing through our support form. Only submit one request at a time, and wait for us to completely resolve one request before submitting another. We do not offer phone support under any circumstances. When you provide clear and specific instructions and guidance, it allows us to handle your requests quickly and accurately. In turn, staying efficient helps us keep costs low and take care of your website better.

 We ask that when you communicate your requests to us, you do not use vague language or merely give us ideas to work with. We ask that you are clear, concise, and leave nothing to interpretation.

 Overall Expectations

 Our websites are designed with a specific scope and purpose, and we are not able to support features beyond what is necessary for a static, informational website. We can, however, ensure that those features and components are displayed on your website as best as possible, within the limitations of the code or plugin and without custom coding.

 Overall, we simply ask that you be reasonable in your expectations. If you have a massive amount of content that needs to be added, or need help configuring a complex plugin, or frequently need help doing something that you can easily handle on your own, like adding a blog post, it is unreasonable to expect our support team to spend hours attempting to handle these requests. On the other hand, if you have a paragraph of text and a photo you would like to add to your homepage, or a new plugin you would like for us to install, or you need a new page explaining your latest offering, we will gladly work with you to handle your request.

 You are entitled to exceptional service, but you are not entitled to set deadlines, request rushed support, or expect anything beyond the scope of support as outlined here.

 Thank you so much for your understanding of our support policy. We look forward to serving you soon!

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